Riverside California Wyndham Hotel

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Located in Whittier, Los Angeles, the Doubletree Hilton offers parking and high-speed Internet access in every room. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, just blocks from downtown, Motel 6 offers free self-parking with vending machines.

The Scripps Poway offers parking and high-speed internet access in each room, as well as free self-parking with vending machines in the lobby.

The California State Polytechnic University of Pomona is worth a campus tour and the university landscape is the highlight of the city. The California Institute of Technology, a major research university and a popular tourist destination, is also 10 km away.

We offer a welcoming room to start your morning right in Whittier, CA, at our hotel and enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, the San Gabriel Mountains and the city of Pomona.

We are also highly rated for our free Wi-Fi, limited pool access and free parking at our hotel, and enjoy a 12% discount at all participating hotels in the US.

If you are looking for a particular room, choose one with a fireplace and whirlpool or if you just prefer your own space. Other great options for your stay with your loved one are one of our private suites with private balcony, private pool and private spa. There are many other great options for romantic trips to the area, so be sure to check them out, whether you're looking for romantic trips to the beach, a romantic trip to a local park, an outing to an outdoor park or just a day trip.

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The Vagabond Inn Whittier Hotel is located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, just a short drive from downtown, including downtown, downtown LA, the Hollywood Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains. It offers beautiful views and quiet solitude in a hidden space, and features a seasonal outdoor pool and golf course. Get directions to Los Angeles (CA) or Whittleier (CA) and look for free parking in the parking lot of a nearby hotel or golf club.

If you're looking for a small, more romantic inn in town, the Vagabond Inn Whittier Hotel is just a short drive from downtown Los Angeles (CA). The hotel is perfect for those who do not want the romantic in them, and the Jacuzzi suite is perfect for you.

Book a room in one of the private spa suites at the Vagabond Inn Whittier Hotel (CA). Take a break from the whirlpool and relax in your private JACZZI and book your room for the night of your choice or even a night on the town with your friends and family.

If you're planning a road trip, you might be interested in enjoying the beautiful views of the San Gabriel Mountains from the Vagabond Inn Whittier Hotel (CA). Explore the base and see for yourself the breathtaking views from your room in one of our private wellness suites or the private pool.

View all the amenities of the Vagabond Inn Whittier Hotel (CA), including a highly rated breakfast, a full-service restaurant and a private pool. Check out our ranking of 2 of 12 Whittleier hotels (ranked 3rd) and get live traffic updates from the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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More About Riverside