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In Southern California, the fall season doesn't usually mean a change in color and dramatic temperature drops. The Mission Inn Festival of Lights has been one of my most important traditions since I moved to Riverside four years ago.

The event is usually held every second Saturday of the month from October to November and usually offers a variety of food and drinks as well as live entertainment. Celebrate with beautifully decorated and personalized altars in honor of deceased loved ones.

A mulled wine party with live music, golden mulled parties and a variety of food and drinks.

Riverside is close to Hollywood and, along with its many architectural features, is the perfect location for a film festival, starting with the 1919 film "Boots" starring Dorothy Gish, shot at the Mission Inn. Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Film Commission and the Riverside Film Festival, over 175 films have been screened at past festivals. Other events in Riverside on the first Thursday of the month include local vendors selling handmade crafts. The Long Night of Arts and Innovation will take place on Saturday, July 22, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Riverside City Hall.

The program will be broadcast live on Riverside TV, a local channel, and the event will be streamed on the Forest Lawn Facebook page. The HBO series "Enlightened," starring Laura Dern, is also scheduled for Riverside and will air its first episode on Saturday, July 22, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Riverside City Hall.

An exhibition, traders and drawings will offer a variety of food and drinks as well as live music and entertainment from local artists.

It is an international conference dedicated to the promotion of theory, practice and education. It aims to bring together professors, researchers, scientists and industrial pioneers from around the world. Spring, which promotes professionalism in sports field management and safety through training, awareness programmes and industry development. Los Muertos, an organization that benefits from the organization, is holding a series of events throughout the Coachella Valley to support its mission to provide community, arts, education and health programs in and around the Coachela Valley.

Ranchos is an international conference for doctors, surgeons and healthcare professionals in the field of aging patients, including medicine, surgery, aesthetics and dermatology.

We enjoy various holiday events, including surf competitions in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Southern California has a long history of hosting some of the best outdoor events in the world, from outdoor festivals to outdoor concerts. Outside these places, it offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, golfing and much more.

For the Riverside Arts Market 2020, we have over 80 world-class booths, including artisans, artists, musicians, food trucks, dealers and more. In case you missed getting tickets, they are scheduled again and have sold out three dates, but here is a list of events still taking place on the Day of the Dead, as well as some that have been cancelled this year. There is also the famous landmark in the foothills, which is located next to the Santa Ana River, the Riverside County Courthouse.

The March Joint Air Base serves as a dividing line between the city and the Moreno Valley. The city of Riverside is part of California's 41st Congressional District, represented by Democrat Mark Takano, while a tiny portion of it is in California's 42nd Congressional District, represented by Republican Ken Calvert. The California Assembly is divided between Democrat Jose Medina, who represents the 61st Constituency, and Democrat Sabrina Cervantes, who represents the 60th Constituency. Almost all of Riverside is in the 31st Senate district, which represents Democrat Richard Roth, as is the state's second-largest city, represented in the Senate by Democrat Mark DeSantis.

Notable burials include those at the Riverside County Courthouse, Riverside City Hall and Riverside Memorial Park. It is one of only a handful of California cities with more than 100,000 residents that has its own cemetery with more than 1,500 graves.

President Theodore Roosevelt planted a new plant at the Mission Inn in 1903, but it died in 1922 and was later transplanted again. Riverside is home to the only surviving parental navel orange tree in the United States, which is descended from the San Bernardino Orange family tree, which originates from California.

The Riverside Line and the San Bernardino Line run downtown on weekdays and weekends, and the first two run to Riverside City Hall, Riverside County Courthouse and Riverside High School. The long-distance bus service is provided by a handful of small operators serving cross-border markets in Mexico. Spring is the only time of year when the city of Riverside hosts the annual Riverside Festival of Lights.

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