Riverside California Attractions

When it's time to take a weekend trip with the family to relax and unwind, head to Riverside, California. If you're looking for a place to live, Riverside is one of the most beautiful places in the state of California and the second largest city in California after Los Angeles.

If you already live in Riverside County or just visit the Inland Empire, you should visit some of the best attractions on the Riverside. The San Bernardino National Forest covers a staggering 823,816 acres, so you can safely say you'll find something wonderful in the wilderness. If you want to take a trip to the beach or a trip to the desert, there are many great options that you can add to your itinerary. Given that the city is only an hour and a half from downtown Riverside, it would be difficult to describe the city completely without a trip to Joshua Tree.

For children and adults alike, the Discovery Center provides information about the history of Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding nature. You can also enjoy a guided tour of the park's many attractions, such as the Natural History Museum or the Desert Museum.

With over 35 rides and attractions on 25 hectares, families can find them all in one place. From a gaming hall full of up-to-date video games to an indoor roller coaster, there is entertainment for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Perfect for movie fans, Universal Studios is offering an action-packed day of exciting theme parks and shows based on your favorite movies.

Other activities - try visiting the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center to learn about the California desert or picnic under the shade of trees in Fairmount Park. You can also take a number of river tours and buy a wide range of food and drinks. During your stay in Riverside, you can admire the historic architecture of Riverside, visit the museum, dine in restaurants and shops.

Don't forget to pump your blood and spend a day in the mountains, where you can enjoy waterfalls and stone pools and picnic on the beach.

If the walk is not your scene, check out the Fox Performing Arts Center, located in the bustling downtown Riverside. Whether you are a local or just visiting, our list of Weir Canyon Honda attractions and activities is something everyone can enjoy. This list is just a small selection of the many fun activities in Riverside. To learn more about these places, read our guide to the most popular places in Riverside for more information.

A popular child-friendly activity is the Riverside County Children's Museum at Riverside City Hall in Riverside, CA. This will provide your family with an entertaining, interactive experience with interactive exhibits, games and activities for children.

Learn more about how citrus cultivation spread throughout Southern California, including the history of the citrus industry in Riverside County since its beginnings in the early 20th century. With specimens collected from the 1930s to the 1970s, the Roos collection consists mainly of citrus fruits from Riverside and surrounding counties, as well as from the city of Riverside itself.

The exhibition presents information about the citrus industry in California, and the objects in the exhibition refer to historical events in Riverside as a city. Miller made the artifacts and the paintings were begged by Judge Hovsep Roos and Riverside County Councilman Frank Miller.

The Riverside City Art Museum is located in an old building between the Mission Inn and the museum. Entry is free, parking is $15, and it is located on a hill overlooking West L.A. You will find it conveniently located next to the Mission Inn, but not too far away.

This park covers 300 hectares - perfect grounds and home to Riverside National Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the United States. This riverside town is famous because the cemetery is named after the Riverside National Cemetery And it's the oldest cemetery in California.

Enjoy the many entertainment, dining and shopping experiences downtown Riverside has to offer. Enjoy the culture by walking down to Riverside Plaza, where there is often a lot of activity. If you're looking for Riverside's bars, be sure to visit Brickwood to enjoy a great environment.

If you're looking for something amusing and unfortified, you'll want your experience at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum to reflect that consideration. We have tried to cover all bases, but if you know of any other great places to visit, please contact us. These three websites are not as easy to find as the Bernardino County Museum of Art, the Riverside County Library and the Riverside Metro website of yore, which you have to find miles away to make sure you see what you need to see.

Check out our list of favorite Riverside amusements, then get started and enjoy today! Learn about the best restaurants in Anaheim, the most popular restaurants in Los Angeles County, and learn about the great restaurants and beverage options in Southern California.

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More About Riverside