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The City of Riverside and the Riverside Art Museum have selected a team led by an innovative design firm, including Why, to transform Riverside's Main Library into the first cultural center of its kind in Southern California. The new cultural center, named the Riverside Center for Arts and Culture (RCCA) or The Stand, will occupy the central, centrally located building on the west side of the Riverside Library's main building, which opened in 1964. Actor and comedian Cheech Marin moved to Riverside in the late 1970s to make the Main Riverside Library building his home and studio.

The building, which houses the Riverside Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Riverside, was originally Riversid's first YWCA and designed by the late Robert Morgan, founder and president of Morgan & Morgan Architects, and was the first of its kind in Southern California. The building's unique architectural features, such as high ceilings and large windows, were introduced to us at the Riverside Art Center in the 1960s. Morgan bought the building on July 5, 1967 and became the proud home of the Bernardino County YMCA and later, in 1974, the home of California State University - Riverside.

As an artistic laboratory, the gallery engages a broad audience with exhibitions dedicated to experimentation, innovation and the exploration of contemporary art. Artists are encouraged to critically engage with the museum's mission to shape the public's understanding of art and its role in our society and culture. The Riverside Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Riverside are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as places to get inspired and even create your own art.

The exhibitions vary from year to year and show works by regional artists, but also works by local, regional and national artists and international artists. The exhibits vary in size and scope from exhibit to exhibit, with works by regional artists exhibited in various formats such as large-format paintings, prints, sculptures and prints. Original artworks by local artists can also be purchased from the museum shop, including paintings and sculptures by artists from the Riverside Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Riverside. If you want to buy or sell an original Don O'Neill painting, you can do so in the museum's online shop.

On the first full weekend of the month you can get in and out of the car for free or drop by for free. Artists are encouraged to take the time to look for opportunities and apply for specific commissions, even if multiple opportunities have been requested. Teams of artists must submit a unique SOQ and can apply for one of the three different commissions listed below: Riverside Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Riverside, and Art Institute of Southern California. All artists are invited to submit samples and expressions of interest available to artists who have applied, as well as a list of specific commissions.

Everyone is welcome, whether it's music, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or any other form of artistic expression, everyone is welcome.

We are honored to create a place that encourages research and dialogue about cultural identity in Southern California. The redesign of the Main Library is part of our ongoing efforts to celebrate Chicano culture and explore the entire American culture that we have shaped. We have a long history of celebrating Chicane art, and we are proud to have worked with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LAMCA) and Riverside County Library System (RCLS) to create the first - of its kind - Public Art Museum in the state of California, and one of only a handful of its kind.

The multifaceted possibilities of the artworks on site will challenge and advance our understanding of the material, process, and form that public art assumes today. A quarterly exhibition of emerging - and upcoming - contemporary artists will offer something that will capture everyone's interest and challenge their perception of what art is.

Three-dimensional works are also on display, such as a traveling exhibition of wooden vessels turned by woodmasters from the United States. For over 50 years, Music Arts has worked with local music education programs and schools to provide music students across the country with hands-on experiences in the art and music history of music and art. Based on original prints bought by the museum from young artists, teachers from the museum's education department will visit classrooms with folders containing history and literature books. At Music & Arts, we are proud to be part of the ongoing partnership between the Riverside Art Museum and the University of California, Riverside.

Don has painted several versions of this one painting, but we believe this particular piece is a very strong example of the series.

This beautiful watercolor was painted during his time at Watercolor West in the 1980s and purchased by a local artist in 1990 and has been painted again and again since then. Don has painted this particular scene countless times, and as we understand it, this is the final version of it. This is a fine example of his work from that period, and he painted it during the second AWS slogan, as evidenced by the fact that he worked with watercolours that highlighted different parts of it to create a very special painting bearing the guild's signature.

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